Welcome To My Coding Blog

" Programming is a skill best aquired by practice and example rather than from books"
- Alan Turing

I always liked to make things and coding was the most convenient way to do it. But even though I could make alot of things by programming, I felt I needed to improve my skills in algorithms and data structures.

Thus I thought of blogging about my learning so that it retains better. Also, I can use this site as reference for the future, not just for me but others willing to learn.

This site is purely related to programming concepts, no specific language or frameworks. It has 2 sections:

  • Problems
    • A section where I will solve basic to complex programming problems.
  • Algorithms
    • A section with the concept and programs for different types of Algorithms.

In the future, if need be, I’ll extend the scope of the site.

You can contact me here if I can help you with anything.